About Us


Hi! I'm Maria, the creator of Sunkissed Pinay.  My love for entrepreneurship grew slowly soon after I graduated college.  I grew up in the US but went to college in the Philippines at De La Salle University.  Before I came back to the US to work a regular job, I got into making simple bead jewelry!  I wanted to buy some dangle earrings and couldn't find anything that I liked so my boyfriend at the time brought me to Quiapo to buy jewelry making supplies.  With some trial and error, I eventually learned how to make simple bead jewelry and started selling Swarovski and pearl bracelets to friends and family for a few months.  

Some of my first beads earrings I ever made

After going back to the states and working a regular 9-5 for a few years, I decided to buy supplies and make jewelry for myself again.  Being my overenthusiastic self, I purchased too much and decided to open up an eBay shop to "get rid" of stuff.  Nobody was buying my bead jewelry so I made hand bracelets or "slave bracelets" (sorry for the politically incorrect words!).  This helped me get rid of all the chain I had purchased.  They were so popular that I started taking my little business more seriously.


One of the hand bracelets I used to sell

Making the hand bracelets became a bit tedious over time and I wanted to make jewelry that I was more passionate about.  This is when Sunkissed Pinay came to me.  I always loved the idea of representing my Filipino heritage but I wanted to wear something subtle and still wear girly outfits.  This is when I decided I should make Filipino pride jewelry!  With an investment and determination, I created Sunkissed Pinay!  


Our popular Philippine Sun Necklace

Being able to connect with my customers because of our common interests was something I never experienced selling my old jewelry.  I'm so grateful for all my customers and I hope you all enjoy everything we offer!

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