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Vendor Booth Representative for Filipino Festivals
We are seeking 2+ reliable and responsible people who can represent Sunkissed Pinay at Filipino events. As a representative, you will be responsible for helping customers purchase jewelry, setting up and putting away pop up booth.

Job Responsibilities:
• Assist customers with purchasing jewelry and answer any questions they may have.
• Set up our vendor booth at events, including displays, signage and banners.
• Neatly packing up our displays, signage and banners in their respective packaging.
• Take count of final inventory to verify what was sold.
• Manage cash box.

Job Requirements:
• Must have a vehicle big enough to accommodate all our displays and inventory. You will be compensated per mile of travel based on IRS Standard Mileage Rate (65.5 cent per mile in 2023). 
• At minimum must be able to travel throughout Southern Califonia. Most events are in the Riverside, Orange County, Los Angeles area. A few are in San Diego and Temecula area. We are slowly expanding to vending in other states and possibly Canada so there will be opportunities to Travel as well if you're interested (not required).
• Must have a valid driver's license, Social Security number, and car insurance.
• Must be able to lift packages up to 50 pounds. For reference, heaviest item we have is our canopy which is 36 pounds.
• Ability to use smart phone/POS system to process payments.
• Must be reliable able to work independently and follow instructions.

• You will be paid as an independent contractor with an issued 1099 at the end of the year.
• $20/Per Hour for setting up, attending to booth and customers, counting final inventory and packing up booth. Most events run between 6-8 hours + set up/packing up time + travel time. Usually on Saturdays, sometimes on Sundays.
• $25 per event for food/beverage
• 65.5 cents per mile traveled (IRS mileage rate for 2023)
Bonuses - during high income generating events that surpass a baseline revenue.
Set up time by yourself can take 30-40 minutes for events that provide us a canopy; and about 60-90 Minutes if a canopy is not provided. Similar time frame for packing up for an event. If you're interested in this position, please email me your resume at Please put "REP FOR VENDOR BOOTH" in the subject line.

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