14K Gold Restock and ID VERIFICATION

Posted by Maria D. on Apr 1st 2022

We're so happy to announce we're restocking a bunch of your favorite 14K Pieces!  We've also added sterling silver options to some of our pieces!


A new ID verification step is needed to complete your solid 14K gold order.  We understand that this isn't ideal but we are looking to protect ourselves from fraudulent orders.  We were hit with a fraudulent 14k order that hit our small business really hard.  If you place an order that includes 14K, you will need to send us a copy of your ID to our business email  We will only require from customers purchasing solid 14K from us for the first time.  Thus, if you've purchased 14K from us prior to April 2022, we do NOT need a copy of your ID.  If we don't receive a copy of your ID within a week of you placing your order, we will issue a full refund and cancel your order.   

Baybayin jewelry

Custom 14K Gold Baybayin necklace

Gold Philippines sun necklace

14K Gold Sun Necklaces in Yellow gold and Rose Gold

Solid gold heart necklace

14K Gold Heart sun necklace in Yellow Gold and White Gold

Solid Gold Mini Araw huggies

14K Gold Mini Araw earrings and now in Sterling Silver!

Philippines sun stud earrings

14K Gold Sun Stud earrings in yellow, rose gold and now in Sterling Silver!

Philippines sun ring in 14k

14K Philippine Sun ring

Solid Gold Mahal Kita bracelet

14K Mahal Kita Bracelet - Available for Preorder!

Mahal Kita Studs

14K Mahal Kita earrings - Available for Preorder!

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